lunes, 6 de julio de 2015

Models’ casting for our blog: 2nd Edition

(Aquí podéis leer la misma información en español).
We have organized the second contest of models to our blog Trendy Lifestyle. After the good experience we had last year, we decided to do the same competition but changing some things to better. Here you have all the information!

The competition will consist of three easy and simple phases to make and vote.
1- In the first phase you will have to send an email to Contest with a minimum of 4 pictures of you and your twitter and Instagram if you have.
2- In the second phase, our two bloggers will choose two finalists who will be finalists.
3- And finally, in the third phase people vote for their favorite through the blog, Twitter and Instagram.

Ages and requirements:
-No matter the height, we are not strict in this regard.
- You can participate in all countries, but you must be aware that the prizes will be in Barcelona (Spain).
- You can’t participate more than once, once we get your pictures we will answer all.
- It's a càsting only for girls.
- The minimum age to participate is 12 years and maximum 20 years. (We will be very strict with age)
- For the first time, you can participate two girls together.

- From June 17th to August 2nd: To send the pictures.
- August 8th: Name of the finalists.
- From the 10th to August 30th: Voting to choose the winner.
- September 5th: The name of the winner.

- A every two months post on our blog for 1 year (a total of 6 posts).
-A double invitation in the next edition of the 080 Barcelona for a fashion show (Barcelona Fashion Week).
-A photographic section with our two fashion bloggers in the city of Barcelona.

(In this edition the winner of the first edition can’t be submit)
If you have any questions you can put in contact to us via or commenting on this post.

Thank you very much!

(Aquí podéis leer la misma información en español).

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