jueves, 13 de agosto de 2015

Laia, Andrea and Carla candidates for winning!

Good afternoon, how are you?

And yes, you read correctly the title, there are 3 candidates finalists in this second edition of our casting models for the blog.
Of all the emails we receive, we were surprised by the amount of people who showed up and we really saw a very high level and that's why we decided to choose three.

The three candidates are: Laia Gallofré, Andrea Sardà and Carla Fontané. Of these three throughout this week on the blog you can vote your favorite from now, and Sunday 16 remain the two finalists then we will continue with normal votes among them two until August 30.

Laia Gallofré
Instagram: laiagallofre
Age: 16 años
City: Barcelona (Spain)
Email: lagade99@hotmail.es

Andrea Sardà
Instagram: andreasardap
Age: 17 años
City: Barcelona (Spain)
Email: asardapallares@gmail.com

Carla Fontané
Instagram: carlafontane
City: Barcelona (España)
Email: cfontanereverte@gmail.com

These are the three candidates and  you can't forget to vote for your favorite finalist to pass.
We want to say thank you to each and every one of the people that have been presented and we want to give good luck to the three chosen.
Thank you very much for participating and you can already vote!

IMPORTANT: Commenting on this post the name of your favorite you can also vote!

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